Nifty Exterior Styling

Stylish front fascia with simple, yet sharp lights

  • Shield-shaped chome plated air inlet grille

  • Chrome plated double exhaust tips

  • Dynamic V-shaped aluminum alloy hub

  • Eagle-eye crystal headlamp

  • Eagle beak ribbon taillight

  • Chrome plated double exhaust tips


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Detailed front fascia

Impactful design featuring refined, shield-shaped, chrome plated air inlet grille.

Powerful, Yet Simple Rear Shape

Smart-looking liftgate and bumper.

Automatic, Eagle-eye Headlamps with Integrated Daytime Running Lights

Practical, stylish headlamps illuminate the road ahead.

Sleek Taillights

Snazzy eagle beak taillights feature integrated fog lamps and chrome plated trim.

Comfortable Enjoyment
Extraordinary Experience

Every journey with CS35 is comfortable and enjoyable.

Plush, Comfortable Seating

Fashionable two-tone seats are available in CS35.

Cool Central Control

UI interface displays clerarer icons, night mode, and air conditioning status.

Sophisticated Instrument Panels

Bold, ice blue, backlit gauges and TFT display provide driver information with style.

Low Noise, Vibration, and Harshness

With an idle noise level as low as 38 dB and uniform driving noise of 55 dB, CS35 is virtually sound-proof.

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Extraordinarily Powerful Performance and Efficiency

CS35 is simultaneously powerful and environmentally friendly. Fuel-saving equipment such as an intelligent generator with OAD technology, electric thermostats, and a variable displacement compressor boosts performance while reducing fuel consumption.


  • Blue Core 1.6L DVVT DOHC all-aluminum alloy engine
  • Aisin Ss-II manual-auto all-in-one 4-speed transmission
  • Start-stop technology fuel-saving system

Extraordinarily Intelligent Features

Automatic parking assistance helps steer the vehicle into a parking space in one step.
CS35 offers additional convenience features, such as the In Call intelligent system and cruise control.

Automatic Parking Assistance

This new generation of automatic parking assistance is on par with global, first-tier vehicles..


  • Cruise control system
  • Cell phone interconnection
  • Local navigation
  • Voice control
  • Keyless entry with push-button ignition

Extraordinarily Safe and Secure

Security features, such as the ninth-generation Bosch Electronic Stability Program, increase your sense of all-around safety.

  • Newly added blind spot visual system on right side

  • Tire pressure monitoring system

  • Highly efficient energy absorbing body (HEEAB)

  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

  • Hill-start assist

  • Intelligent parking assistance

  • 4-airbag safety system

Electronic Power-assisted Steering (EPS)

  • Precise steering

  • High ground clearance, ergonomic design


2020 Models

CS 35


Length x Width x Height 4160 mm * 1810 mm * 1670 mm
Engine Blue Core 1.6L DVVT DOHC all-aluminum alloy engine
Wheelbase 2560 mm
Maximum Output 123 HP at 6000 rpm
Maximum Torque 160 Nm at 4000-5000 rpm
Tires 215/50 R17
Fuel Tank Capacity 52 litres